Ride Fiik™ is a rental platform that enables small businesses to own & operate their own branded E-Scooter fleets and increase profitability through rental income. 

Our Vision

The need for Micro-mobility is rapidly expanding by the day.  We created a solution for small businesses to enter the e-scooter rental market without having to heavily invest in their own platform. We provide our partners with a turnkey solution allowing them to capitalize on with their own branded fleet of rental scooters.  Our vision is to alleviate the municipality’s headaches by allowing the independent business owner to ‘dock’ and maintain their fleet at their storefront.


We are one of the first companies to offer small businesses the ability to enter into the growing last mile transportation market.  Our scooters are intended to be rented from private property and returned to that location.  This means our scooters are not abandoned on streets, sidewalks or other public places.


Currently, the only solution in the E-Ride market only benefits the large E-Scooter brands. Our platform enables our partners to penetrate this market and add additional revenue to their current business, and at the same time offering their client an exciting, environmentally friendly new way to go explore the local area.